• Yo bebo leche y agua
    (I drink milk and water)

    2022 – ongoing, in collaboration with Sarah Schneider

    Puerto Guadal, a village in northern Patagonia, has no access to free water despite being surrounded by rivers and glaciers, and the second largest lake in South America. This is due to the Código de Aguas (Chilean Water Law), which was enacted in 1981 during the Pinochet dictatorship and allowed the privatisation of water. Residents of Puerto Guadal rely on a local water committee to supply water from Lago General Carrera. Those outside the town centre must purchase their own water rights from the state and lay their own water pipelines. This is an issue as agriculture and tourism are the main sources of income in the region. The Canadian power company Edelaysén has also built a hydroelectric plant on the Los Maquis river, which has led to illegal destruction of forests and road building. Locals have formed a movement called "Los Maquis Libres" to fight the company’s disregard for the environment under authority’s oppression.
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